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MultiKey 1.2 Release (MultiKey- Shape keys made easy)

What is MultiKey?

MultiKey is a powerful shape key add-on designed to speed up and simplify character animation in Blender, especially facial rigging. MultiKey allows the objects in a chosen collection to have the same shape key edited- together. One key name, many objects, all being changed at the same time. MultiKey also makes keyframing shape keys much easier! Just click "Add Keyframes" and all enabled shape keys will be added to the timeline.

New Update on BlenderMarket

I released an update for MultiKey today- it's a complete overhaul, with a better UI, performance improvements, and powerful new functionality.

MultiKey in action

If you've already got MultiKey, you can get the update for free from your BlenderMarket account.

Check it out

ShotDial- Switch Camera Views with Just OneKeypress

ShotDial allows you to switch between camera views quickly and easily with just one keypress.


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