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ShotDial - Switch Camera Views With One Keypress


Name ShotDial
What does it do? ShotDial allows you to switch between camera views quickly and easily with just one keypress. Use a keyboard shortcut to switch cameras in Blender.
Rating N/A
BlenderMarket Rating N/A
Do I recommend it? Yes

Switch Camera Views Easily

ShotDial lets you switch which camera is previewed in the viewport with just Crtl+W. Works with 1 or a thousand cameras-you’ll loop through back to the first camera when you reach your last.

Press Ctrl+W to move forward through camera views, and Ctrl+Shift+W to move backwards.

Works Well With Stored Views

ShotDial is a good companion piece to the Stored Views add-on - with Stored Views, you can change camera views with the mouse, but not the keyboard. I personally prefer the keyboard, so I whipped this up.

Final Thoughts

I made this myself, so I'll avoid adding any thoughts to keep my add-on review process fair.

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